Employee benefits

Having an effective benefits and remuneration strategy that is clearly communicated and appreciated by your employees, can really help you retain and recruit high calibre employees.

What use is high technology without the experience and expertise needed to put it to work?

Good people can be much more difficult and expensive to replace than good technology.

What if employees suffer a serious illness, or are too ill to work over the medium to long term?

Do you have arrangements in place to help them financially and are you able to speed up their return to the workplace?

There are schemes available that pay out a lump sum to accelerate recovery from the financial and emotional trauma of serious illness, and a regular income to replace the salary of someone not fit enough to work over the longer term.

In addition, there are now schemes which also provide counselling and advisory services which guide both your company and your employees on how to cope with challenging situations and ideally find a viable and practical plan to get back to work.

Traditional life assurance can protect your employees' families and dependants, increasing peace of mind for all concerned and helps establish your reputation as an employer who cares - an increasingly important issue in a competitive labour market.

The cost of protecting your people and their families against the financial consequences of serious illness and death is probably much lower than you would expect.

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